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Oh, hullo there! I'm the Doctor. I'm 903 years old, and I travel through time and space in my TARDIS. I don't really have a job, but I just want to see the universe and help out when I can.

((Independent RP blog for the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who. This takes place after Rose, Martha, and Donna, but he hasn't regenerated yet. I will RP with anyone from any fandom, so don't hesitate to make a starter or send me a message!))

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Note: This blog is brand-new, so it's still under major construction.


((Hi guys. I’ve kind of gone on a hiatus, and I said on my Tenth Doctor blog that I’d be back at Christmas, but I’m not sure. I think that all of my RP partners have moved on at this point, and with school and the fact that I’d be doing everything from an iPad again is kind of a disincentive for me to come back to RPing. I think I’m just going to drop all three characters that I have. I may or may not delete the blogs, but I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I want to keep RPing. I mean, I love you guys, you’re awesome, but it’s just too high-maintenance for me to deal with right now. I might take it back up again when I have a working computer and I’m not so busy with schoolwork and volunteering and what little bit of a social life I have. I’ll miss you all, and I love you guys to the ends of the universe and back. Thanks for sticking with me this long. I don’t think I’ll delete, though. Since I may come back to these characters(particularly Sophie), I don’t want to delete everything I have on them. But I love you guys. I’ll miss you.))

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Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been such a horrible RP partner lately. Guess I’ve just kind of dropped RPing for a while, at least until the DW Christmas special comes out(don’t ask me why, it’s kind of complicated)(well not really but I just don’t wanna explain it)

Anyway, I guess I’m putting all three of my RP blogs on a temporary hiatus, so I won’t be posting or anything. Of you want to find me, you can check out my personal blog. I’ll be on there pretty much daily.

Okay, guys. Sorry I’m such a horrible person, but I’ve lost my muse. I’ll find it soon, though. I’ll be back at Christmas, okay? I love you guys. I’ll miss you.


Kate(the Doctor’s Mun)

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((So I’m hanging out with my friends before school like I always do, and they started talking about politics and religion. Apparently, they have very different beliefs than I do, so I just awkwardly put in my headphones and now I’m trying to make myself as small and unnoticeable as possible.

In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t much like talking about religion.))

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favorite gifset ever

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I love watching Disney movies when you’re older and come across scenes like this. I laughed for five minutes.

Hades was the original sassy gay friend.

Of course he is the sassy gay friend, look at him he flaming.

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why the hell are we criticizing, jokingly or not, cole sprouse

i mean miley cyrus grew up to be a promiscuous drug user

lindsay lohan grew up to be….yeah, we all know where that went

zac efron grew up to be a huge douchebag

and cole sprouse is a tumblr user and is just kinda

good on you cole sprouse

good on you


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i don’t think anyone understands my hatred for this theme

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What the actual fuck?

To All of the people who spoke on this chart, I say to thee,

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